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Model-Stone material is heat-resistant but we need to use either a wooden or a plastic mat in order to avoid scratching the surface. Any damage can be generally repaired. Anyway, we can avoid taking risks by following some advice:


  • Do not expose strong chemical products such as solvents, oven-cleaners… if so, rinse it out quickly with water.
  • Polish stains must be taken away with polish remover, but be careful that it doesn’t contain acetone. Rinse it out after with water.
  • Do not cut directly on the Model-Stone material. Use a specific surface.
  • Do not expose pots or pans directly on the Model-Stone surface.

Scratches, cuts and scalds are unavoidable to appear on a product used day by day. But Model-Stone is a strong surface, with no pores and so very easy to make it retrieve its original appearance. Any superficial scratch, stain, scald or blow can be repaired in-situ. We only need to clean the zone with a light abrasive and a sponge. If it is not a superficial damage, we should polish the zone carefully.

You can download the maintenance information (in spanish)Fulla de manteniment

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